Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wednesday friends day today is a bit cold and not very springy really...we haven't really done a great deal either...(that doesn't really make for a good blog entry does it???!!!!!)

this was the beginning of a crafty session for the Miss T and
Mr R, but they ran off and decided to play hide and seek instead....

did you used to have these colouring in books when  you were little? i did, and i loved it, and i also used to make  my own by drawing a massive scribble and colouring in each section a different colour! i just love these books though, i think it's the part of me that likes order and symmetry.  As you can see by this pic and the pic before, today has been a day of doing somthing for a couple of minutes and then moving onto the next thing....

this elephant was made by Mr Z at his local Beavers Group last week - i will never look at a humble milk carton in the same way again...just genius!  they had an evening of 'all things indian' which included an indian food tasting session...when asked what he had eaten, Mr Z said "well i did have some naan"...hmmmm!!!

have a good evening...

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  1. wow how good is the elephant!!... i really do try to be crafty with our boys but they would much rather watch cbeebies!!..