Friday, 11 March 2011

foxy friday

ok...remember how i said that today was going to be a 'day of craft'...well it kind of started with a little shopping trip...followed by a small amount of housework...
and a nice cuppa...

and then up to the room where my sewing machine and
bits and bobs live

...time to get going on a foxy bag

and here it is

ok, so one bag won't fill a craft stall...but it's a start and i find that once i have made one thing, i can get on and whip up a few more fairly quickly...

i found the little fox motif in this book - i changed him slightly to suit - this is a really nice little book -it's got lots of quite simple little projects in it

have a good weekend


  1. Very foxy! Love how cute he is! And your fabric stash looks good too!

  2. love the little fox!!..
    hes very cute.. love the bag you've made..the colours work really well from the fabric to the fox..well done!!!

    have a good weekend

  3. Very cute! I wish I could sew, that book looks good!