Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday run day

after school drop off this morning....and a weekly food shop....and a boogie round the kitchen listening to Aretha Franklin while putting the food away, i've been doing some bits and bobs for the Clutter City Spring Fair...

i'm loving the poster for the spring fair

this weekend i've been doing a bit of crochet and today has been a 'bag' day...i'm going to save the bags up and take some photos of them when they are completely finished...a bit of a 'tah dah' post!

the Aspidistra has been re-potted, placed in the sun and talked to this weekend....please grow!


  1. love the picture of the green cup against the sun..gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Charl - we were given 4 of these cups for a christmas pressie last year, they came in 4 different colours and my 3 always argued about who was going to have this yellow/green one in the picture - in the end we had to hide it and only get the other 3 out!!!! a year a bit down the line and the green cup is back out and they seem to have forgotten about how they used to fight for it!! thank goodness X

  3. That's funny I have those cups and my daughter always has to have the pink one. I wonder if the same person gave them to us for christmas last year?? Good luck with the bag making. SOmething similar going on here.

  4. debbie - yes the same person did give them to us!! and also the same necklace you were sporting in your last pics! she has good taste tho doesn't she? XXXXXX

  5. Tee hee, I always say she has good taste as I always get lots of compliments on things she has given me! But maybe this also means you and I have good taste or at least the SAME taste.