Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Frank Skinner and the sewing machine...

tuesday....lovely sunny tuesday...i've spent all  morning sewing for the Clutter City Spring Soiree this Saturday...

when i'm sewing i love listening to Frank Skinner podcasts (and it's got to be Adam and Joe from BBC 6Music podcasts when decorating)...they just make me smile and i have a ritual of listening to each one twice because i usually miss small bits whilst sewing...so twice seems to cover the whole lot!!!  don't ask..it just makes me happy...

loving the camp mountaineer man with his hand on his hip!!!

a sea of crochet...

and a few pics from a play in the park on sunday


  1. Oooh that bunting is the prettiest! x

  2. love your jug and bowl..its stunning...and that crochet blanket is to die for!!!


  3. Good luck for tommorrow. I hope you get a good turn out. I was thinking of you yesterday as I sewed while listening to radio 4 podcasts - I know I am square. x

  4. Ooh! Wow! I love the sea of crochet :)

    Good luck with the Soiree ^^


  5. Vanessa - thank you...it took me a good 6 months to make and when i finished it and carefully put in on the bed, my husband said, "i don't really like it, couldn't you have done another colour between the circles"....he's lucky to be here still....night after night i had sat next to him crocheting away and he said nothing till it was finished...cheeky thing!!! it's a good job i think he's a bit of alright!!!!! XX

    Minnado - thank you - listening to Frank Skinner's 'not the weekend podcast' got me through today....xx