Friday, 18 March 2011

friday tie-day (!)

hooray it's friday...i love that friday feeling...

today is Red Nose Day here, so the small people have all gone off to school with their red noses and money to give to comic relief...

and at home i've been doing a spot of crocheting - i haven't made all these today...i'm not that good....but i have been putting these cushions together ready for the craft fair...

a while ago i mentioned Hama beads...we love them! our house is full of little Hama bead works of art - so many that i have decided to finish each post with daughter made this when she was 3, and i just love that she did it nearly all green but chose to put 2 brown Hama beads on the girls dress...


  1. I've just discovered your blog and I like these cute little objects that you share! Have a nice WE!

  2. Thanks! have a good weekend too X

  3. Gorgeous cushions! Love your colour choices. Thanks for visiting us.
    Laura x