Tuesday, 8 March 2011

a tuesday walkabout the city...

indeed it is...we'll be having them tonight with golden syrup on (the only way in my opinion) - they boys of the house will have chocolate spread on theirs (????)....

what is it with the trees at the moment....i think they look lovely! i walked home from the school run this morning, it was lovely

i then continued my walk around the city - i was meant to buying various bits and bobs....but didn't! i forgot to get my extra bit of fabric for the top i started yesterday and when i went into another really nice fabric shop, i was overwhelmed by the choice and walked out with nothing....NOTHING....now thats just not right is it?

green....oooooh i do like a bit of green!!!

Norwich Cathedral is poking it's head above the houses in the hazy sunshine this morning

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  1. It looks really pretty there. One day I will get my act together and get to Norwich to visit Sarah. (And you now!) It just seems such a long way from Shropshire. We had lemon juice and sugar on our pancakes. Little I has got pancake day and red nose day all muddled up. She woke up today and asked if it was pancake day today as well? Ash wednesday doesn't seem quite so exciting.