Monday, 7 March 2011

busy weekend = aching legs today!

this weekend was lots of fun - saturday spent at Bewilderwood (all was ace) - the small people totally loved it

this is the view from the front of the boat which takes you through the little Twiggles and Boggles villages - it's all very magical - and even though we've been quite a few times now, we all still love it!

i managed to capture some calm in the woods!

sunday was spent running around the park playing football with friends and their small was great started with the mums standing watching the dads and small people running around...and then it was suggested that we could play 'girls V boys'...the game started with us mums running around in our coats trying to be gentle with the small people and generally letting  them have the ball and score the goals...then the dads got stuck in, so us mums took our coats off and it was much so that i found myself fully tackling  my 7 and 4 year old boys as if they were adults!!! - how funny - we had such a laugh...i think the final score was 21-11 to the boys - i think we need a re-match!

this morning the postman brought me 'Oh Comely' magazine -(i have subscribed to this magazine...the postman didn't just randomly bring me it!!) i love this magazine and can't wait to sit down with a cuppa tonight and read through's very different and very lovely...

Mr Fox....embroidered on a pillow case  last week...needs a bit of attention from an iron...but i quite like him! (taken from:

this morning, i decided that i would dust off the sewing machine and make a top...only to find that i didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves - school boy error right?? so off to buy some more tomorrow - i'm a bit cross with myself for this...because it was my own fault for 'nibbling' little bits off the fabric to make other things!!! so i made some bunting instead...

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