Thursday, 1 September 2011

green heaven....

well...we're back from our fantastic house swap with our friends in was a lovely holiday, and great to stay in unfamiliar yet familiar surroundings!

warning...this post is a bit 'green photo' heavy due to 2 brilliant trips to Kew Gardens...

let the green commence...

phew...all that green...just lovely!!

while we were away i managed to finish my pompom rug (pic to follow) in readiness for the Clutter City Craft Fair this Saturday...

and i've managed (inbetween cake making...park trips...mirangue making...hama dinner/tea/snacks...catching up with shopping etc etc etc) to make some lovely cushions for Saturday...again pics to follow

just a thought:

i'm always amazed when i'm in bed at night and i think about the day just gone and how much i have squeezed's important to me to have a bit of time to do what i like in the evenings, and with the small people on holiday and going to bed a little later these days, i can often be found sat in bed crocheting at midnight and beyond...(ever the romantic eh?!)


  1. Oooh! Succulents, cacti and Frida Khalo, looks fantastic!

    I think crocheting in bed is better than lying awake thinking of all the WIP and things not started yet and thinking 'when will I have the time!' x

  2. Oh haha, how funny that our photos are so similar! I'd like to know how you managed a shot of that lovely spiral staircase without getting steamy! x

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