Friday, 2 September 2011

it must be clutter city time again...

many,  many late nights and public crocheting sessions...and i'm nearly ready for the clutter city autumn fair tomorrow...

...the pom pom rug is finished...backed and edged and wearing a fancy little 'gran plumley' label...i have put a price tag of £60 on my rug...what does everyone think of this price????

with everything packed up and ready to go to market (!) it's now time for a cuppa and a sit down i think...


  1. I think £60 most definatly is a fair price. Given that the rug was so wool hungry and the amount of time you put in, and it's certainly quality work!

  2. As long as you've costed in the price of the wool, minimum wage for the hours you put in for yourself, cost of backing and binding and label and then some profit, that's fair.

    Looks fab! Am in the process of making one for myself it's just slow going.

    I really love how cute those apples look in their little jackets! So pretty!

    Have a good fair!

  3. Hope you got on ok. I am going to do another Xmas Fayre with a friend in November. The last time I did one was 2 years ago (height of recession) and not many people got their purses out, which was so disheartening but I'm giving it another go and I'll have my friend there to keep me company, whilst we crochet away together! x

  4. Looks like you are more than ready for the fair! All your goods look absolutely lovely. Glad I happened by today. Am now a happy follower :-)