Tuesday, 20 September 2011

time for autumn

so..Miss T and Mr R have now started school full time....they did 2 weeks of  piddling about (2 mornings each week) and now it's down to the business of full days...it's only tuesday but last night Miss T went to bed saying "i can't wait to go to school tomorrow"...good stuff.  I decided to have them in separate reception classes...just to give them both a chance to grow their own little personalities and not be lumped together as 'the twins'...i thought they might miss eachother yesterday, but spent our walk to the park after school boasting about what they had both done in their separate classes...this then led to an argument because Mr R had made a 'bug type head dress thingy-ma-jig' and Miss T insisted that she made one as soon as we got home...happy days eh!!!

i do love autumn...and winter, i like dark evenings, hair curling drizzle, wellies, hats, scarves and gloves...i love, love, love hats and can't wait to start wearing my woollies!!

a bit of granny square-tastic crochet and stripes

indeed it does!!!


  1. Ah yes, it's autumn here too, with back to school and chestnuts and a thousand other small delights. I love the "picture" of the pickle above, very cute.

  2. Hi mommy en France...the pickle pic came about because i bought a jar...then lost it! we can't find it anywhere...but know it's somewhere in the house... i decided to buy another and my hubby said "put it where i can see it this time" (he's a pickle fan!) and i put it on in the middle of the table with the frame round it...i thought it looked quite funny!!!!!

  3. Love Branston Pickle - can't beat a cheese and pickle on french bread sandwich. So glad your little ones are enjoying school. Are they exhausted by the end of the day? My two are and they are 10 and 8! xx

  4. Separate classes for the twins sounds like a very sensible idea. Definitely help them with their own sense of place within the class room. I am trying to find my usual love of autumn...it seems to have got lost among the debris.We were merrily collecting acorns till I caught Little I with one in her mouth. After her coin swallowing exploits I have become very strict about objects in mouth! Now I am off to make a cheese and pickle toastie. Yes, I am highly suggestible.