Friday, 23 September 2011

pattern lovely pattern

last weekend i went to London with my 2 best friends, and we pootled around Greenwich Market, nattering and catching up, and generally having a nice day out - i don't see these 2 friends as much as i would like to...we met here in Norwich at the Art School (and as i text them both the other day...that was 17 years ago)...after our course had finished they went back to their home towns and i stayed in when we meet up, it's always a special time and i think we all come away feeling very inspired by all things creative and just having like-minded people to bounce ideas off is fab and refreshing...

another bonus of this particular trip was a belated b'day pressie i needed to pick up...and what a bobby dazzler it was:

what a lovely book it is...(so much so, even Head of Finance spent 10 minutes looking through it...)

so heres to friends and belated b'days... XXX

have a super dooper weekend...


  1. Oooooooh! Pretty patterns! Like the mug too! Here here, to good friends and fantastic presents!

  2. hey magpie - are you all set for your stall yet??? x

  3. That's what good friends are for!! I need to get making instead of designing colour schemes!! :-)