Sunday, 1 April 2012

a bit of this...a bit of that...and a bit of the other...

ahhh lovely spring...with a hint of Christmas...(you can still see the reflections of the snowflakes we made and stuck on our dining room window...2 Christmases ago...)

i've been getting a bit more bunting-tastic over the last week too...i have managed to get a fair few orders, which is great, and i should really open my Etsy shop and get going on that...please someone come round and give me a whopping huge kick up the a**e...

and yesterday i attended a knicker making workshop, it was a really lovely afternoon and these are what i came away with at the end of it...the are most comfy i must say...the course boasted that these were going to be made on a domestic sewing machine...which was true, but this domestic machine was £999!!!!!...about £850 more than mine i don't know whether i will be whipping myself some new Knicks up any time soon...but it was really good fun...

tray inspired cakes!!!

and a little something to put in that Etsy shop...should i ever find the key to open the door...i haver made lots of these brooches over the past 2 days, i must say, they are qutie addictive to make, and very satisfying at the end...anyone want one?? i have yellow, white, cream, green, and purple!!!

the end


  1. oooh that bunting is so pretty- I don't know where you find that lovely fabric, I never see any anywhere! x

  2. Right, after the easter break, it's you me and the etsy shop ram raid!

  3. *Thump* how about that? Get your bum in gear and get an Etsy shop! ;)

    Very pretty tape measure brooches and bunting! And rather lovely knickers too! Hope your machine lives up to the more expensive machine!