Thursday, 19 April 2012

a few bobs and bits

here are a few pics of recent things...

don't you just love Christmas...i much so, i usually leave a couple of decorations up for the whole that bad luck? someone once told me that you had to take them down by the '12th night' or you had to keep them up all year...fine by me i say...

Debbie from minnado's house wanted to see my shelves now that they are filling up a fact you can hardly see the nice 70's wallpaper...but we all know it's there really don't we?!!

and check out my ladder brackets! doing a grand job of holding up some rolls of fabric!!!!

i've been going a bit doilie bunting crazy recently...i think i will put some in my Folksy/Etsy shop...once the shelves have been put up...which i think is this week....


  1. OoooOoooh! You got shops on Etsy and Folksy now have you? I've just opened up on Folksy too! Love the doily bunting!

  2. Nice pictures; I really love to see all those crochet projects, finished or not. At the moment I'm also making a granny blanket with all kinds of colours!

  3. Wow, loads going on at your house! Love how the shelves are looking, even if the wallpaper is obscured. So much crochet loveliness going on too and the doily bunting is ingenious. I just can't seem to find doilies round here, there must be a shortage!! x

  4. mimi...nooooo i'm just dreaming of having an Etsy AND Folksy shop!!!! blooming heck, i really need to get my butt in gear don't i...

    welcome Mirjam - i seem to have several crochet projects on the go at the moment...and my problem is that i start one, and then turn it into something completely different!

    Julia - helloooooo looks like you had a super dooper holiday! - welcome back - yes, i think there is a national doilie shortage...they go for crazy money on ebay - who'd have thought it eh...the humble doilie!


  5. Oooeeeee some lovely makes there Caroline... Some treasure on them there shelves and that crochet cushion is a beaut! X

  6. Pretty photos Caroline. Love the doily bunting - it makes me think of Miss Havisham in Great Expectations xx

  7. Your doily bunting is gorgeous!