Thursday, 29 March 2012

adventure shoes...

remember these:

well...these gorgeous little red shoes went on quite a few adventures, they climbed trees, were filled with sand in the park...survived quite a few puddle jumping sessions, were worn around the house for many hours because "i need to put my school uniform on"...weeks before school started!  and now, the time has come for them to retire and be replaced by another pair of bobby dazzler shoes ready for new adventures...(fyi...these shoes lasted for 3 months!!!!!)

so long gorgeous red shoes...


  1. They look well loved! Three months...gosh!

  2. Ah, know the feeling. Between wear and tear and growth spurts, shoes never last long around here. I love these though! So pretty and spunky.

  3. Oh my! I thought it was just toddler that wore through shoes that quickly! Farewell lovely shoes...

  4. Lovely shoes and it is good to hear of how active they have been. Is your daughter allowed to wear red shoes to school? Sadly we are only allowed black shoes. Though we made up for it by getting black shoes with a pink princess fairy on the inside! My almost five year old also HAD to wear her school shoes at home before going to school due to the sheer novelty. Have a good weekend. xx

  5. Hi Minnado, they don't seem to be toooo strict on shoes, most of the kids seem to have black, but i thought if you can't wear red shoes in reception then when can you!!! she also wore pink kickers a bit through the winter...and she wears striped tights too...naughty...and her red cardy is knitted by my mum with red sparkle wool!!!! and her black PE pumps have little flower buttons sewn on by you can tell, we like things with a little twist in our house!!!! XX

    Kath - sadly not...i would put a photo of Zak's 6 week old school shoes but i fear social services would knock on the door...they look like he has worn them for at least 3 years and climbed several mountains in them!!!! XX

    Mommy en France - hi there! i just loved these little red shoes, i can't bear to throw them out...i might keep them in a box to for her!!!!!!! XX

    Magpie Mimi...3 months, i know...!!!! hey ho eh! maybe i should go into shoe manufacturing XX