Wednesday, 21 March 2012

melting sunday...

the little Miss T and myself decided to make some new crayons on melting old 'tired' crayons we made some new bobby dazzlers...

there is something quite satisfying about sitting and peeling the paper off crayons!!!


  1. Awesome! Love Tallulah's top too. Albie's crayons are in a much sorrier state than that, I must have a go at this star-shaped lark!

  2. They look pretty. I am looking for a silicone baking tray with some good shapes for this - we used paper cake cases last time and end result not as exciting as stars or hearts. I saw some recently with glitter added, don't know about Miss T but glitter always goes down well here. BTW, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog. I forgot to add the award image to the post, will rectify this for cutting and pasting in case you want to respond! xx

    1. You can get funky shaped ones in Poundland, Ikea and Wilkinsons, I like funky shape ice cubes and cupcakes!

  3. I wish I had crayons...may have to go out and buy some just to make new funky ones! hehe!

  4. This is such a good idea. *runs off to find the tin of crayons that is no doubt sitting at the back of a drawer being neglected*

  5. We've done this a few times, such fun!