Monday, 4 April 2011

Saturday was smashing...

quite literally....smashing.....the day started off with a bag of cups and saucers i was taking to the craft fair to put brooches and things in falling out the car and smashing on the floor....sorry aunty joan....only 1 saucer remained...

but the day did get better and it was a success...lots of people came by our stall and made a purchase or 2 and we saw lots of friends who popped by for a natter

there was live music in the bar and a screen with Singing In The Rain showing (on a loop...think i saw it 4 times...)

this beautiful Mariskooli Bowl was my mothers day gift and here are my cards (head of finance made the first one...i love it)

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  1. Ah, sweet cards. I am glad the fair was a success. Are those your red clogs? Funny, I have been browsing similar on ebay but need to sell all my old kids' clothes to raise the funds first! I also have that Ikea bird fabric on my sofa cushions. Great minds obviously do think alike. Have a good week and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. X