Sunday, 17 April 2011

lazy sunday and boxes...

sunday morning...lovely lazy morning at home...this is Miss T typing a letter to Father Christmas (she loves Christmas and can watch Christmas 'diveos' all year round!)...just look at the time on the clock...and we were all still lazing about having a cup of tea on the bed...lovely

these are a couple of boxes i got from a sweet shop in Norwich...i happened to be in there when a couple of the ladies were stocking up and i thought these boxes were amazing...don't ask....i do have a thing for can't beat a good old shoe box, anyway, i asked if i they were just going to throw them out when they were finished stocking up, they said yes, so i asked if i could have them...they gave me the funniest look and  handed them over...i think these boxes are ace!

and onto more boxes...i spotted these being put up in our local park this afternoon...they look like a real work of art don't they?

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