Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Dear Inspiration...
it's been a while since you've been round these parts...i've  noticed that sometimes you stay for a day or two and sometimes you stay longer, and thats nice, but over the last couple of weeks i've not see you at all...where are you?...please come back soon...i'm missing you...


  1. Oh bummer. Go for a walk or look through the hand picked selection on etsy or scour some magazines, might help, or make something you normally do and see what comes to you as you make it. Hope it helps!

  2. How about the lovely
    round cushion on attic 24s blog. The book shes reviewing looks fantastic!

  3. hmmmmmm i think my brain is overloaded at the moment...!!!! you know when you look at lots of lovely things and then you have a bit of a creative block...well thats me!!!!!!!!