Thursday, 19 May 2011

book sharing

i bought this book many, many years ago...about 15 i think! it was 50p from a charity shop, and i've just rediscovered it while soring out a box full of 'stuff'!!!

it's dated 1975 (i was 1 then!)...

aren't they gorgeous...i can feel a trip to the beach coming on to collect pebbles...


  1. I had this book - don't remember if Iownd it or had it from a library. I do remember loving the pictures and copying them. x

  2. Oh, how wonderful! When I was 4 to six, my cousins gave me a lot of these wonderful painted stones. In the book, do they say which kind of colour they use? Because when I tried it with normal acrylics, the stones seem to swallow the colour and the painting wasn't as bright and shiny as on the pictures or on my childhood-stones.
    Have a happy new year! Greetings from Austria,