Saturday, 5 January 2013

i spoke too soon...

the lurgy has hit...well it's hit Mr H...he has been in bed for 3 days with flu - not of the man variety - real flu (which he says would kill a woman!) and to top it all off just when he thought he had turned a corner, he goes and finds himself with an ear infection...what a start to 2013 eh!

this is a gorgeous necklace which was a gift from my brother in law and future sister in does pay to leave what you are viewing on the laptop open so people can get ideas for christmas...

empty christmas tins...these will come in useful when me and Miss T swap rooms in a few weeks time...this will be a HUGE undertaking...involving plastering ceilings and lots of painting and Miss T moving into the loft room with the boys until her new room is finished...i am crocheting her blanket for her room (which i started last March as part of Granny A Day...)

its 7X8 granny circles at the mo...

next week sees school start again plus all the extra clubs that go with a normal term time week...i am however...going to London on Saturday for a spot of shopping and a theatre trip...exciting!

happy weekending folks

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  1. Love the granny blanket ... and the new necklace is lovely ... Bee xx