Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the one about the flowers and the red shoes...

a beautiful mini candlestick made by the very talented Victoria Delany it's beautiful, and holds a little tea light in it as well as a long candle...go and check out her website...she is a super dooper talented crafty lady...

recent makes: more apple thingy ma jigs to give to teachers tomorrow...would you believe the humble Golden Delicious apples seems to be out of favour...i usually get my fruit at the supermarket with my main weekly shop,(please don't lecture me on buying local produce...) but i wanted to get a few apples the other day, so popped into the green grocers and was more or less laughed out the shop when i asked where the golden delicious apples were...he said "we haven't had those for ages, not much call for them these days" WHAT...i was brought up on Golden Delicious i tried the stalls on the Golden Delicious....whats going on?!?!?!


red shoooooooes...i like red shoes...and so does Miss T...choosing to wear mine on top of her school shoes! My eldest told me i had too many shoes the other day, so i had a bit of a sort out and realised that almost all my shoes are red...


  1. How do - good to find you too. Had a good browse and feel very pleased to know there's yet another crafty lovely one in Norwich.

    Loved seeing your snaps of your trip to Hope & Elvis. Bet it was wonderful meeting them all and sharing ideas.

    Also love the dog - looks a fine choice. I love how stubborn and cheeky border terriers can be.


  2. I have red shoes and satchel envy - in the nicest possible way - *big sigh*

    Nina xxx

  3. RED SHOES! I am on the hunt for some red wedges at the moment.... And i believe the obsession may have started after i had admired yours!.. X