Sunday, 20 May 2012

is it just me...

is it just me or am i going mad...this thought has been rattling around my head since friday night... i was going through some of my usual blogs and reading up on what everyone has been up and making/wearing/eating etc and generally taking a peek into someone elses life really...

i like blogs...i like real life...but after reading one of my faves on friday night i found myself overcome with a sense of what i can only described as 'WTF???'

the author of the blog asking for donations towards a new roof for her house...a beautiful house she shares with her hubby and cat...what is the world coming it just me?? am i the one with the problem??? needless to say, she got a few angry replies to this...but also a fair few donations too...

the author has her own business, no children and a hubby who works too, plus a successful shop from her why the need to stoop so low?

this has left me with a sour taste in my mouth and i doubt i will be reading the blog again...

so please tell me it just me? am i out of touch with the world?

sorry for the sunday rant...i'm looking forward to hearing all your thoughts...


  1. No I'm with you on this one. I think I would be un-following.

    I see blogs as open diaries not begging bowls...perhaps I'm not seeing the point either!!

  2. P.S I've just noticed your label 'rant', that cracked me up :) x

  3. I'm gobsmacked. That's just plain weird. Was it done in a jokey kind of way, like 'if someone wants to wave a magic wand and give me a million pounds'? By the way, if anyone does have a magic wand there are a few things I'd liked magicked up or away...! ;)

  4. I'm gobsmacked. Was it done in a jokey kind of way, like 'if anyone has a magic wand can they summon me up a million pounds'? If by any chance someone does have a magic wand there are a few things I'd like magicked up or away... ;)

  5. hi Pea Pod...i do like a good rant now and then...but usually bend my husbands ears with them...i couldn't keep this one to myself tho..

    hi mimi...unfortunately's a serious one...might try and crochet you a wand...but i can't guarantee millions!!!

  6. I am so with you on this one. I read that blog post about the donations for the roof straight after I had read another blog about the blogger getting a brand new car for Mother's Day. About 3 months after she was begging for donations for the adoption fees for her baby, which she had known she wanted to adopt for over a year but hadn't actually thought to start saving for. But she had thought to spend a considerable amount of money on toys and unnecessary baby equipment. I just don't understand some people's way of thinking. We all need something, I've got a 1970s turquoise bathroom that needs replacing but I'm not asking strangers to pay for a replacement!

    I suppose there are people from all walks of life who feel that begging for money is a reasonable thing to do. Certainly not what I believe in. But hey ho. xx

  7. I agree with you that is totally "WTF". I find it bonkers that people actually donated money! A good rant is what is needed. xx

  8. I'll drop you off that money I raised to pay for your sweety addiction on my way into work today!!!!

  9. Oh no!! Asking for money is way out of line. Especially as said blogger seems to lead a very comfortable life. Charity is for those who really need it.