Monday, 27 February 2012


so we had half term and took off in the car, drove 4 hours and stayed with grandma and grandad for 5 was a lovely break

Lego + Muji = Fantastic

 The Head of Finance found these in a charity

a post of few words...but many pictures...


  1. Looks like you had a great time. The Muji Lego combo intrigues me, will have to look into it further. Looks like just the thing my eldest would love. You were so lucky to get the pyrex set, what a bargain. Have you settled back into the routine yet? xx

  2. looks like a fab half term. I had to lie down on the sofa the monday after half term! It was hard work.
    lego plus muji equals must have! Great pyrex find. xx

  3. hi guys! Julia we are sorted back into the routine of life here, tho i do still have one unpacked suitcase...i opened it, saw that it was full of lovely summer clothes and closed it again!!! it's in our spare room till summer...
    Minnado...hi hows things with you 5?!?!?! the muji/lego stuff is on their website...i hope you are all finding some sort of routine to your days and you are getting a few hours sleep??? XXXXX