Tuesday, 19 July 2011

who me?


the lovely Kath over at inverleith blogspot has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award...thank you so much...i'm thrilled...and now i have to reveal 7 things about me and then pass on the award so....here we go....

1.  i dyed my hair bright pink today!!! i have wanted to dye it a bright red/pink for a while...and to be honest, i don't know why i haven't done it...so today i have...and i love it (i will put a photo below and also a photo of my inspiration for the colour)

2.   i can't possibly ever ever be late for anything...i have to leave the house mega early for anything i go to...so my kids are always the first in the playground in the mornings, we are always the first at the cinema, hair appts, dentists etc etc...it's not that i want to be first, it's just that i can't even think about being late - i would rather not attend something than be 5 mintues late (does that make me bonkers!!)

3.  i really don't like trailers at the cinema or on dvd's...i know they are advertising films that i might want to see in the future, but i just can't stand sitting through them (obviously not a problem at home because i get sent to make a cup of tea while hubby watches them)...but because of my hate of being late, i have to sit through them at the cinema...and thats that!!!

4.  i'm a bit of a 'collector of stuff'...i hoard bits and bobs that i just can't not buy from charity shops...

5.  i love being a mum.  becoming parents was a struggle for me and hubby...a few years of IVF and along came Zak...then i managed to persuade hubby to 'just have one more go' and we found out we were expecting twins...going to that very first scan at 6 weeks, and seeing 2 flickering heart beats is something i will remember forever, and the exact words from the sonographer "you know when you wish for something really really hard...i can see 2 heartbeats" (and true to their mummys thing about being late, Zak was born on his due date and Reuben and Tallulah 4 weeks early...no late babies around here thank you very much)...

6.  i spent 5 years at Art School, which i loved and my final show was sculptural paper forms - i loved paper making and made very delicate sculptures from reeds (boiled in caustic soda in the kitchen pans...then blended in our blender!!!...we got a new blender before the babies came along!)... I put all my crafty bits away when the babies were born, but about a year or so ago, i began to get everything out again, and try to do a little craftyness everyday

7.  I love to crochet everyday - i crochet everywhere and anywhere....toddler group, swimming lesson, dancing lesson, soft play areas, hairdressers, park, just about anywhere...i love it!

i have been thinking about my 7 things for a couple of days now...and i thought it was going to be quite difficult to find things, but now i wish there was 8 things so i can reveal my secret 25 year crush on Jon Bon Jovi...

i would like to nominate:


  1. LOVE your hair colour! It's fantastic! Thank you so much for the award!

  2. Love the hair! I always wanted to have primary red streaks in my hair but had a very sensible office job and it wouldn't have gone down well! I also crochet everywhere, better to make something than mess around on my mobile. Love the blog BTW. x

  3. What a lovely read. Your hair looks fab, and I love your kids' names- they're ace. Hooray for crochet!

  4. Thanks for nominating me - I will respond soon. Just had the lurgy this week and have been under my duvet in between school and nursery runs! Loving the pink hair.