Monday, 28 February 2011

a bit of sun and reflections...snippets from today

today wasn't really a sunny day...a bit chilly actually - but i found this picture whilst looking through and organising my photos (i say organising....but that really means looking at pictures for about an hour and thinking about maybe one day putting them in categories!)...anyway - i found this lovely sunny picture from 2 weeks ago - before half-term, which feels like it could have been 6 months ago now!

we put these mirrors down our dark hall, in the hope that they would reflect some light - which i think they do, but what i love, love, love about them, is the reflections of bits and pieces from the dining room and kitchen - i really do love's great to see round corners...

i love this horse too...he was mine when i was little, and we had a few adventures together, he is retired now and stands at the end of the hall with his friend Mr owl!!


  1. i love all your mirrors.. this is somthing that ive wanted to do on my stair well for ages..i bought a job lot of mirrors from the carboot but they need a bit of work on them to stop them from actually being a health and saftey danger
    yours look great though!!